Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Say yes to the dress...and tux

Its hard to believe this wedding is less than 4 months away. The details begin to fall into place and I get more and more excited about our big day. We were worried that nobody would want to make the trip to California, but are surprised to find many of our closet friends willing to make the trip! This is equal parts moving and exciting! We fly out November 11 for a busy weekend of food tasting, cake tasting, hotel booking and my wedding shower. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for that weekend. I think I'll feel a bit more at ease with all the planning once those details are solidified. We will be choosing our invitations in the next few weeks, so look for those in the mail.

Jason and I spent some time at David's Bridal and various tuxedo shops trying to put together wedding wear that wouldn't make our wedding party miserable. We chose grey suits and ice blue dresses to match our colors. Hope you like them! If you don't, just smile, nod and tell us how brilliant our choices are.

Something Blue

The Groomsmen


  1. i LOVE IT..cant wait till you get here!!! the dress and tux are just perfect!! -shell

  2. Very pretty! My bridesmaids wore a Tiffany Blue strapless dress and the boys wore gray tuxes very similar to the ones you chose. You have great taste! ;) Can't wait!

  3. I totally posted earlier, but it's not here? So here is the repeat post: Brilliant color choices! Kidding. I expected nothing less than perfect from you. XOXO

  4. Oh...just realized, I only clicked "post comment" once. Forgot to do the secret word post comment button.