Friday, September 3, 2010

Happiness...I am glad.

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Jason and I have been engaged for nearly a year and a half and somehow, we saved every detail for the very last second. The last few months have not been without their share of long nights going through the classic stresses of wedding planning. I am happy to report that with the Grace of God, the help of my family and friends, and the overwhelming support of my undoubtedly annoyed fiance, we have started to see the pieces fall into place.

We have narrowed down our hotels (see website for more information) and sent out a Save the Date, you know, just in case you all haven't figured out the date from my endless blogs, updates and facebook posts.  Jan and David generously bought our plane tickets home and helped us with our photographer.

Andrew Morgan, a dear friend of ours, will be shooting our wedding along with Jessica Schilling. We are so blessed to have such brilliant photographers! Click the link to see more of their work!

We decided on Tahiti for our honeymoon! Our initial impulse was to go to Ireland, but after accepting the fact that Ireland in January would be  a bit of a nightmare, we decided on somewhere warm.

We just booked a flight back to California for November 11-14 to do a tasting, check our hotels and rehearsal dinner locations out, and to go to my wedding shower!

It seems like when something gets crossed off the list, a new item I hadn't thought of, pops up.  That's wedding planning, I guess! I'm so lucky to have such a supportive and encouraging partner to talk me off the ledge! That's all for now! I'll keep you posted as things develop!

Munoz Out.

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