Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Wedding Rags & First Engagement Dinner!

August 6, 2009

The first wedding magazine was pretty much purchased the very next day. I'm a total loser.

While I'm making fun of myself... I have a profile on the knot. yikes. I also tried on dresses. This all happened within a week of getting engaged. The very first dress I tried on felt like the one! I just had a feeling about it...BUT I can't buy a wedding dress without Debi seeing it so it will have to wait. Plenty of time to think as we are considering a March 2011 date!

Jan and Pat (Jason's mom and grandma) are two of my favorite ladies in the world! They generously through us a tiny dinner to celebrate! These two ladies are such a blessing to us. They have the most wonderful ability to make anyone they come in contact with feel totally loved!

Two of Jason's best friends, Josh and Brad joined us for dinner and cake!

cake. good. -

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